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OSA Open Juried Exhibition  April 10 – May 4, 2018.

Ontario Society of Artists
Applications from across Ontario and Canada and sometimes from international artists, leaving the jurors with the difficult task of choosing just a small percentage of the works entered.  The result is always an exhibition of exceptional work. This exhibition will be held at the – John B. Aird Gallery. 
Out of 462 images, the jurors selected 38 works in various media, including painting, photography and mixed media and 9 sculptures.


John B. Aird Gallery
900 Bay Street (at Wellesley);
Macdonald Block
Toronto, ON M7A 1C2


Annual Juried Exhibition

Exhibition runs March 10th - April 28th, 2018
The opening reception for this year's Annual Juried Exhibition is Saturday, March 10 from 1 to 3.  Come and see the diverse range of media and subject matter by these Ontario-based artists.  All are welcome!

The Latcham Gallery
6240 Main Street
Stouffville, Ontario,L4A 1E2


Lazy Tulip Cafe
29 Maple Avenue
Barrie, Ontario,
L4N 1R7, Canada


Featured Local Artists - Ongoing

Video - Lazy Tulip Cafe  ( See if you can spot my pieces)

New to our Lazy walls are these lovely pieces by Ronald Regamey.  The artform he uses is called “Quilling” and it blends in to our cafe just perfectly!  This series is called the “Four Seasons”.

 Toronto West Arts Collaborative  365 Evens Avenue Toronto, Ontario M8Z 1K2

Toronto West Arts Collaborative
365 Evens Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M8Z 1K2

Toronto West Arts Collaborative


Ronald Regamey, "Other Media" TWAC at the CNE 2017 Winner, discusses the technique behind his artwork with samples and video.



we are the paper artist collective. a global community of paper artists


I can only imagine the patience required to create these stunning, mandala-like paper sculptures. They’re so delicately crafted and impressively symmetrical. Even the colors used are beautifully balanced, complimenting one another as well as the shapes throughout each piece.