Black and White, Art Square Gallery, 2017


Oro-Medonte, 2017

Biography of Ronald Regamey 2017
Ronald was born in Bowmanville, Ontario in 1968 to a Swiss father and a German mother.  My parents immigrated to Canada in the early sixties.  I grew up in a very large family, with five brothers and three sisters which had a strong influence on me growing up in a rural part of Canada. We did not have much but my mother taught me that life is what you make it.  After graduation, I took a two-year course for the fine arts at the Okanagan College. I moved to Switzerland in the late 80's and attended the ceramic school in Bern, Switzerland. I found the program very exciting and demanding.  After finishing my education in the field of ceramics, I then pursued a different career direction. Since 1994, I began my career working with the Developmental disability. My focus in this field has been creativity and daily care. I finished my second education as a Community Support Worker for the developmental disabilities person during this time.
After working several years in my chosen profession. While living in Switzerland, this has allowed me to travel to places I would have not been able to see. Through these trips, I could improve and expand my knowledge of photography.  During this time, I took a 3-month course to learn more about the technical aspects of the camera. This has helped me to better understand the handling and possibilities of taking pictures. I love to travel and this has helped me shape my curiosity and desire to photograph the things I see around me.


1968   born in Bowmanville, Ontario Canada
1974 - 1986  Elementary and High School Education
1986 - 1988  Fine Arts Program, Kelowna, British Columbia , Canada
1990 - 1994 School of Design for Ceramics, Bern, Switzerland
1997 - 2000 School for the developmental disabilities and physical persons, Switzerland
2013    Photography Course, Switzerland, 3 Months

Current single, group and upcoming art shows: 

Window Display - The Shadow Box, Christmas Display, 15 Peter Str, S., Orillia, December, 2017 - Image
Window Display - Cutler and Gross, Toronto, 758 Queen Street West, December 2nd - December 31st, 2017
Group Exhibition - Black Cat Artspace, 2186 Dundas Street, West, 2017 Holiday Show + Sale, November 29th - December 31st, 2017 - Information
Solo Exhibition - ART IN HOUSE, Fascination Paper - Paper Art Exhbition, Lakeshore Mews, Barrie, Ont,  November 18, 2017 - December 9th, 2017 - Flyer
Group Exhibition - Yonge + St. Clair -  YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE STAIRS - 55 St. Clair W., Toronto, Ontario - November 1st - November 30th, 2017 - Flyer
Group Exhibition - Lazy Tulip Cafe , 29 Mape Ave, Barrie, Ontario, Ongoing, 2017 - Video
Group Exhibition - Coach House Gallery , 133 Mississaga Street East, Orillia, Ongoing,  starting in September 2017

Past single and group art shows:

Solo Exhibition - Suite 204, 5 Peter Street, S, #204, Featured Artist, October 2017
Group Exhibition - Art Square Cafe & Gallery -  Black & White Theme - 334 Dundas West, Toronto, Ontario - October 23rd - November 06th, 2017
Group Exhibition - Art Space @ the Canadian National Exhibition, August 18th - September 4th, 2017 - Flyer
Group Exhibition - Orillia Starry Night Studio Tour 2017, Nourish Yoga & Wellness Studio, 8 Peter Str, S., Orillia, August 26th, 2017 7-11pm
Group Exhibition - Orillia Starry Night Studio Tour 2017, The Shadow Box, 15 Peter Str, S., Orillia, August 26th, 2017 7-11pm
Group Exhibition - Orillia Starry NightSinging heART Studios Boutique, 25 Mississaga Str. E, Upper Level Unit 5, Orillia, August 26th, 2017 7-11pm
Group Exhibition - Art Square Cafe & Gallery - 334 Dundas West, Toronto, Ontario - July 31st - August 14th, 2017 - Flyer
Group Exhibition - Urban Gallery -  Toronto, Canada – O Canada, Paper - 400 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario - July 6th - July 29th, 2017 - Flyer
Group Exhibition - Studio drkrm Gallery - Orillia Creative 2017 - 18 Mississaga St. E. Upper Unit, Downtown Orillia, June 30th - July 31st, 2017 - Flyer
Group Exhibition - UPSTREAMGALLERY - Paper Works 2017 - 8 Main Street Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706 - June 22nd - July 23rd, 2017 - Flyer
Group Exhibition - Haldiman Art Works - Auction Night Soiree - Dunville Community Lifespan Centre, Ontario -  May 15th - June 15, 2017
Group Exhibition - Lee Contemporary Art, - Kind of Blue - 5 Peter Street S, Orillia, Ontario - June 15 - July 8, 2017 - Flyer
Group Exhibition - Propeller Gallery - 150 Years of Light in Canada - 30 Abell Street, Toronto, Ontario - July 5th - July 16th, 2017
Group Exhibition - Lee Contemporary Art - Paper - 5 Peter Steet S, Orillia, Ontario - March 23 - April 15th, 2017
Solo Exhibition -    Peter Street Gallery, Orillia – Paper & Photography - 2017
Solo Exhibition -    Restaurant Ochsen, Bad Zurzach, Switzerland - Photography - 2016
Solo Exhibition -    Gallery, Baden Switzerland - Drawings - 2005


ArtAscent - Art & Literature Journal - June 2017 - Page 68/69 - ArtAscent

Online Print:

Jungkatz - Intricate Paper Art Sculptures by Artist, Ronald Regamey, November 2017


TWAC-CNE - People's Choice, Best in Cat. "Other", 210 Princes Blvd, Toronto, Ontario - Flyer

TWAC Member - website


Over 30,000 guests visited the TWAC space at the CNE over 16 days and the people have spoken. The category prize winners are:


My work represents a gradual accumulation of my life and occupational undertaking that has led me to this point and onwards. I try to invoke various aspects of my life that have occurred and incorporated that into my process.
This approach of educational and personal experience has allowed me to understand issues and social dilemmas, and has enabled me to expand my imagination based on these familiarities. I am interested in approaching the unapproachable by embracing and exploring forms, shapes and colors – to understand a more direct visual and emotional connection. I am attracted to mediums that support this process. I have had a long-time interest in paper.  I incorporate several steps: preparation, incubation, implementation, workflow, final piece and self-reflection. This allowed me to activate and challenge myself, but at the same time control the different strengts and weakness I might encounter in my journey.  
By going beyond these limits of exploration, I can identify inspiration, impulse and everyday behavior. What I hope to achieve is not a path of self-fulfilling confusion, but rather points of directional exploration, achieving different distinctions regardless of where they may lead me. This allows me to create unique work based on the things that have effected me and guided me throughout my life.

Physical details of my work:

I work with paper and glue and taught myself the Quilling technique. After choosing the color, I start cutting the strips for every single form. Then the pieces are formed and glued together to create a large Mandala shape. Each finished piece can take up to 25 hours to complete and consists of 600 or 700 strips. I prefer this technique and material because of its simplicity, which allows me to create a cohesive process that is filled with many details.

Describe the light in your piece:

My piece uses form and space to symbolize the light. I was inspired to create my pieces based on my desire to learn and create new geometric forms into a Mandala. Light has always had an emotional contribution to how I see and feel things. I see forms, shapes, light and shadow in nature wherever I look. I incorporate this into my work much like a tool, with several variations, and distinctive organized ideas. It represents a gradual accumulation of my life that has led me to this point and onwards. I try to invoke various aspects of my experiences and incorporate that into my process. I am hoping the viewer will feel satisfied and intrigued by what they see before them.




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